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I am posting this for James Lewis:

I want to use the images on SX-70-style film so I may apply them to a plaster sculpture of a face and have the images follow the contours of the face.

I have cut open the film after processing and washed away the white backing. But I need to find out how to then transfer the image to the three-dimensional surface.

Rubber cement lift? Some other solvent? Is there a way to soak off the emulsion intact, similar to the emulsion transfer process on the peel-apart film?

Thank you.

James Lewis, Nashville

-- Marek Uliasz (, September 10, 2000


Hello James, Well, the deafening silence has been a bunch of us pondering your question. I think that the actual SX-70 film is too stiff of a plastic to suit your purpose. I would copy onto paper or fabric for ease of application to sculpture. Also, there is no known way to remove the backing in one piece - but then, maybe you will be the one to invent a way!

-- Joan Emm (, September 13, 2000.

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