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Power failure hits downtown

September 10, 2000 Power went out Saturday in some blocks of downtown east of Providence Road and west of College Avenue. Entire blocks and parts of Greektown were without power for about two hours after an electrical part failed about 4:20 p.m. near Providence Road and Stadium Boulevard. The part, which connects overhead cable to underground cable, was old, said Ben Ashlock, a Columbia Water and Light operations coordinator. It was its time, he said.

Businesses without power either closed or lost customers because their lights were off.

People think were closed, said Bill Vargo, owner of Jimmy Johns sandwich shop.

Jewelry stores closed for security reasons.

Security alarms in banks were set off by the interruption in power. When street lights went out, drivers resorted to communicating with eye contact and hand gestures.

About 50 people were watching the MU football game at Harpos when the power went out. Customers waited around to finish their beers before clearing out, manager Ted Creasy said.

The way the game was going, they would have left anyway, Creasy said, referring to MUs 62-9 loss to Clemson.

-- Martin Thompson (, September 10, 2000

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