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I am decorating a room with some black and white photography. I currently have the famous Lunch on a skyscraper picture. The problem is that it is a wierd size print. The photo is 10.5 in wide and 8.5 in high. The paper size is 16 in wide and 12 in high. I have been unable to find any matching photos with this sort of setup. I was wondering if you knew where I could purchase either the Chrsyler Building photo of the two men atop the eagle head or the photo of NY central station with the sunlight coming through the windows. Is there anywhere you can recommend for me to purchase this? Is there anywhere I can get either of these custom made? Any ideas would be much appreciated. I have looked everywhere on the internet to no avail.



-- Chad Meyer (ccmeyer@students.wisc.edu), September 13, 2000



check out www.corbis.com they own the Betmann Archive which owns the prints you are talking about -- also many others -- and you can get (digital) RC prints from them cheap -- click on the Photographic Links - on the homepage.

-- Rick Atwood (rcatwood@pacbell.net), October 11, 2000.

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