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I have serveral questions about Reality Therapy: 1. History of the development of the Theory: 2. Beliefs on which it is based: 3. Contributors or Practitioners of the Theory: 4. Relationship between Therapist and client: 5. Some techniques or approaches developed for this theory: 6. Kinds of problems addressed: 7. Populations on which the techniques are used: 8. Multicultural issues in using these approaches: 9. Research findings on this theory Thank You

-- Mona Lacy (, September 18, 2000


Dear Mona, The answers to your questions would require a book and the name of the book would be:"Reality Therapy for the 21st century" by Dr. Bob Wubbolding isbn 1-56032-886-x(pbk). He gives 25 pages over to tracing the history of the therapy basing much of his writing on an extensive lecture with Glasser himself. His book also sets out the beliefs on which the therapy is based and the book really is written to describe the techniques and approaches and he shows how they have evolved in Chapter 9, by far the longest chapter .Chapter 12 is devoted to research studies.Multicultural issues are addressed in chapter 11 Your sincerly, Ken Lyons

-- ken lyons (, September 19, 2000.

Mona - I have just contributed an article to the International Journal of Reality Therapy and it deals with the development of Glasser's ideas from 1960 to the present day. It will be in the next issue and is called "From Reality Therapy to Reality Therapy in Action". The Journal may be obtained from International Journal of Reality Therapy Northeastern University 360 Huntingon Ave BOSTON, MA 02115 USA

or, I daresay, from any library. For your other questions I would recommend CHOICE THEORY by William Glasser, REALITY THERAPY IN ACTION by William Glasser and the book by Dr Wubbolding recommended by Ken Lyons.

-- Brian Lennon (, October 11, 2000.

I just finished reading the book Reality Therapy by Glasser, and I feel that all of your questions will be answered after reading this book. Also, the web site will answer a few of your basic questions.

-- Kimberly Allen (, November 26, 2000.

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