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We listed with Coldwell Bankers and it has been a horrible experience. Our agent told us she guaranteeed our house would sell in 6 months. We didn't get anything in writing. How can you sell a house when the realtor tells you she hopes the person interested in your house is someone she doesn't like and hopes they don't buy it. Taking pictures for advertisements, shows up two days late, doesn't get film developed and is out to take more pictures because she just got the ones back she took a month before.

Then there's the people that are suppose to come look and they never show, they must have a book of excuses. Then there's the other real estate office that keeps the key to your house for 2 weeks or at least thats where she thinks it is.

Step in- the other real estate agent- to save the day when we've had enough. We still have a month left to go and are informed that unless we sign up with them again, they are not going to put any more money into advertising the last month. The House should've been sold within 6 months.

Well silly us, We've relocated and decide to try the new agent. 6 more months and rent it. I told her that if someone was to make a good offer on the house I would accept it. I was informed that you can decline since she doesn't agree with their philosophy. Two days later she recommends that we pull the house off the market and go with a rental agency and put it back on in the spring and she hopes we will use her again.

I have wasted 7 months and heard a lot of stories. Not to mention lets drop the price again. I don't think so!

-- debby whipple (whipple@micron.net), September 20, 2000

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