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Not a real question, just a place to put reviews. Too many reviews do not state the role the Church playes in the book, and what the bias is. I want this discussion to be biased tward "Would(/Should?) Catholics enjoy this book?". So this is a place to put such reviews. If I do not get comments saying please don't, I will spread out to other discussion titles for movies and such. I hope that all book reviews can be put into this discussion, I hope that this title will make such easy to find. James Blish: Black Easter: Horror. The church is on the losing side. The strangest thing is that there is a sequel to this. Too good knowlege of many horrific things on the part of the author. Not really recommended for the weak stomach.

Zenna Hennderson: Ingathering, Nesfa press. Tolerance. What if there were some people who had all the gifts of God? No specific christian church is mentioned. Bibical quotes as chapter headers. I really both like and recommend this.

The game of Fox and Lion. By Robert R. Chase. I really like this. My Jewish friend did not: the Jews are the loyal opposition in this one, and the Church starts out foolish but gets wise and gets to play a major and minor roles in the story. Science fiction, but remove the space opera and the time frame and there is a problem here that the church might face in the next centuary. Generally pro-life, by the back door, sort of. Not sure that you will agree with this book.

Tom Chancys books: war and violent fiction. There is a theme of moral thought in each of his books, the stronger for the later books. Definately a Catholic writer, with a definately Catholic hero.

Kippling Collected poems: mostly what one would expect from a classic education, use of the greak gods to much for (I expect) Catholic taste. But there is a wonderful Marian poem in there. (fuss! I can not find my book: it is right by the one about the ill attended church service that is quietly funny.) Also Code of Morals does have a moral point, as does several of his other zingers. Please add to these reviews and counter reviews. Sean

-- Sean Cleary (, September 21, 2000


Bridge of Birds, fantasy. I really like this book, but under the rules can not recommend it: pagan universe.

-- Sean Cleary (, September 21, 2000.

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