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I need a piece of corroborating evidence to link my family to Peter Frederick Bluett of Holcombe House:

Any one of the following would be adequate:

The names of all the children of Peter Frederick and his wife Caroline Who the female children of Peter Frederick married Where P. F. moved after selling Holcombe House The death date and place of Peter Frederick

Even partial information would help.

Thank you, Andrew Marshall

-- Andrew Marshall (, September 26, 2000


Dear Andrew,

I have some information which you have asked for about Peter Fredrick and Caroline Lefever. I f you need anymore info, please don't hesitate to e mail me. I have done the whole Bluett tree dating back to 1066. Peter Bluett was born 1811 and died 1898. He is buried at Portishead. They had 11 children.

1) Susan Maria married John Charles Cutcliffe born ? died June 19 1888 in Paigenton. She was sent to the Isle of Wight for treatment of TB They had 7 children

2) Frederick William Daniel married Mary Hodge. born may 8 1832 died 1894. baptised at Holcombe Feb 6 1837

3) Charles Edward married Annie Cooke. born March 15 1836 died April 1919

4) Henry Peter (1) born July 12 1833 died July 12 1833

5) Henry Peter (2) born March 4 1842 at Tour la Ville married Maori Princess had 6 children 3 sons 3 daughters (name unknown)

6) Eliza Jane Caroline married Ebenezer Walter Davies. born July12 1837 died Oct 10 1930. They had 12 children. Names I will give you if you would like them 7) Henriettta born Dec 22 1838 died Sept 1 1899 married Major William ? 8) Lauretta born Nov 2 1840 at Tour La Ville 9) Caroline Elizabeth born June 15 1845 at Holcombe 10) Peter Frederick born April 22 1848 at Holcombe 11) William born Aug 30 1834 died Nov 23 1855 in New Zealand married Caroline Rose daughter of J. Wills of Crewhern.

I hope this helps you. Please don't hesitate to ask for more info.

-- Val White (, May 15, 2001.

I have one one piece of information about Peter Bluett and Caroline Lefever. They were married Aug 24 1830 in Trinity, Jersey.

* please note email address has been corrected. Should be as above - not whitye42.

-- val white (, May 17, 2001.

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