where can i find irish dexter cattle?

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i am soooooooo disappointed. was told that irish dexter's would be at the deerfield fair here in new hampshire. went, hoping to make a connection and get started with these interesting cows. no one knew anything about where i could find them. have looked at the association site, and there are no listing for the new england area. i know people have said that there are breeders in my state, but no one seems to remember who they are or where. can anyone out there help? even vermont breeders would do. thanks so much, laura

-- laura cavallari (ladygoat13@aol.com), October 01, 2000


You may find some helpful information at www.dextercattle.com. They show breeders by state. Good luck. Amber

-- Amber Quillen (mikeandamberq@hotmail.com), October 01, 2000.

try this www.dirtyboots.com

-- renee oneill (oneillsr@home.com), October 01, 2000.

Laura, I e-mailed you with some information.

-- Barbara Ternes (lbfarm@hit.net), October 01, 2000.

Laura, I have a pet Dexter. I've had him since he was 2 months old; he's now 9 years. My steer is 38 inches. Here's a pic:


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From Ireland, Dexters are an ancient established breed ~ i.e. they have not been developed in recent times from an existing larger breed.

At one time there were thought to be less than 5,000 in the world, but today, with renewed interest in small holdings, the numbers have risen to approximately 12,000 head worldwide. There are some 4,000-5,000 in North America at this time.

The American Dexter possesses many desirable characteristics. It is still a very hardy animal, thriving in both hot and cold climates with little difficulty. It is tractable and easily trained, either as a pasture animal (kind on fencing) or a show animal (great with children and young adults). It is a thrifty animal and capable of thriving on a half acre per head of good pasture, given the typical Dexter's small size.

Registered cows measure between 36 and 42 inches in shoulder height at three years of age, and weigh approximately 750 pounds. Bulls are slightly larger at 38 to 44 inches shoulder height, and weigh in around 1000 pounds.

They are strong and, for their size, high volume, milk producers. They also produce an excellent lean beef when raised for meat. To be sure, there is less of it, and smaller cuts of meat, but the quality and coloring are usually exceptional.

Dexters generally have a very good temperament and are highly intelligent. This, combined with their small size makes them easy to handle in facilities that need not be as sturdy as those required for the larger breeds.

Dexters seem not to be susceptible to many of the cattle diseases and they are easy calvers.

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I have noticed around here that some folks are breeding for a larger critter; a shame, since that's not intended for the breed.

Many also are using the Dexter in cross breeding programs. (Be careful what you purchase!)

For info and a list of breeders, call/write/e-mail. You don't have to join:

American Dexter Cattle Association

26804 Ebenezer

Concordia, MO, 64020

Phone: (660) 463-7704

Fax: (660) 463-7704

Email: info@dextercattle.org

-- ~Rogo (rogo2020@yahoo.com), October 01, 2000.

Laura, I wrote to a farm that raises Dexter Cattle in Tennessee and received a letter from those people that listed Regional Directors for the American Cattle Association. The Regional Director for the New Hampshire area is: Gary Williams, RR1 Box 5131, Sedgwick, Me. 04676- 9714 His phone number is (207) 326-4717.

Where are you from in N.H? We used to live in Nottingham three years ago and never went to the Deerfield Fair though we heard a lot about it. Good luck with this information.

-- Emily (bellyacresfarm@kyk.net), October 01, 2000.

Hi Laura - I'm a happy owner of two Dexter cows. I have a copy of the American Dexter Cattle Association's 1999 Herd Book and there are 8 owner/breeder listings for New Hampshire. Let me know if you still need the information and I will e-mail it to you. My cows are half-sisters - one is red, the other black. Currently they are manure producers for the garden, but next year I plan to breed them and start milking. These two cows are really nice and gentle (I tend to spoil them a bit!). Their size is just right for our 6 acre farm.

-- Barb (rosemontfarm1@aol.com), October 02, 2000.

I tried both websites listed & couldn't access either. I too an interested in dexters and live in eastern Ky. Looking for some here in KY, in southern Ohio, or western West Virginia, if anyone has info. Thanks

-- Sharon WT(KY) (wildflower@ekyol.com), October 06, 2000.

I have a 2 yr old steer for sale. He is so cute. I have him for a pet but need the stall and barn for my horses. Have pictures.

-- Shevonne Hartfield (shevonne27@yahoo.com), March 16, 2002.

I also have a Dexter for sale. He is a reg. polled bull. He answers to the name of 'Romeo'. He is only 4 years old and walks easily on a halter. We call him Romeo because he really romances our standard size girls. We have had nothing but healthy,vigorous calves from him. He has never missed a breeding. If you are interested please email us back.

-- Valerie Uzunov (mrs.u2@prodigy.net), April 07, 2002.

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