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We were wanting to get some miniature Highland cattle until we saw what the horns look like on the adults. We want to raise small hardy docile beef cattle without big horns that can fill out on just pasture and hay. Does anyone have any suggestions for a breed?

-- Carol Parks (, October 01, 2000


Try the Mini Cattle Breeders Asso. ( They have several breeds of mini cattle (19-20 kinds) to choose from. A few they have just developed (Happy Mountain, Kingshire, Kentshire, to name a few) have some Highland in the breeding but are polled (hornless).

Good luck


-- animalfarms (, October 02, 2000.

Carol: The Galloways mentioned above would fit the bill pretty well. They also come in three color patterns, with two color varieties to suit the individual tastes of the owners. There are white, with color points, either black or red muzzles, ears, and tail switches. Belted, in either black or red. Also they are found in solid color, either black or red. An alternative would be the recently developed "Polled" Dexter cattle. The polled variety is mostly made up of the longer legged animals, but the weights are very similiar to the horned cattle. With the longer legged Dexter cattle, you lose the threat of bull dog calves, a fatal recessive only found in the short legged cows. Dexters can be had in either solid Black, or red. Either breed would suit your needs. If you'd like further information about Dexters, you may email me. Randy Henry (JaRaCo)

-- Randy Henry (JaRaCo) (, October 04, 2000.

We raise AHA registered Miniature Herefords. They are docile easy handling cattle who adapt well to most any climate. They are born small 35-50 lbs and grow quickly to a high percentage of their mothers wieght by weaning age. As with all stock pasture quality will vary results. As far as the horns, we apply a paste to the calves horn buds at a week old and no horns! If we can help with stock or info on raising miniature cattle please contact us.

-- Cypress Creek Mini-Ranch (, November 04, 2000.

This is my 38 inch Dexter steer.

They are not miniatures; they have been this size for eons and have not been bred down from larger stock. I took him young from his mama since I wanted to raise him to ride and drive. The breeder dehorned him before I took him. He grazes my 30 acres of Coastal grass 24/7 with my Mammoth, Hampshire hog and chickens. He's now 9 1/2 years old. The cows calf into their twenties. They're a very placid and easy to work with breed. Unlike some other breeds, the Dexter is easy on fences!

If you'd like more info on the Dexter, write to me:

-- ~Rogo (, November 05, 2000.

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