What should I be for Halloween?

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And what are you going to be? I need ideas to mooch, people!

-- siobhan (zootzie@yahoo.com), October 04, 2000



-- siobhan (zootzie@yahoo.com), October 05, 2000.

Geez, didn't we help you enough already with our superhero comments?

-- andres (ladolcevita@writeme.com), October 04, 2000.

i think you should be dark angel... of course i wouldnt know what dark angel looks like because i didnt get to watch it Tuesday night because of the country music industry... (damn those bastards!) but from what i can tell from the commercials and stuff her costume kinda looks like the matrix and kinda like catwoman without the ears... which is good cuz you already have the catwoman costume... and the dark angel girl is way hotter than michelle pfeiffepfieirippefpffpf... whatever...

-- mike (supermike1999@yahoo.com), October 05, 2000.

a frog?

-- andres (ladolcevita@writeme.com), October 08, 2000.

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