What did you do this weekend?

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What did you do this weekend? You already know what I did, I wanna hear about you. Was it fun? Relaxing?

-- Emily (me@emilyweise.com), October 09, 2000


Friday night I read some technical stuff and finally finished updating my webpage about my trip to Norway and then read part of a mystery novel. Saturday I went to this store and that store and Nancy and I scraped and painted the garage doors [And aren't you sorry you wasted your time partying with other online journalers instead of doing fun stuff like I did?] But then Saturday night we went the Brick Alley Pub in Newport RI for dinner with a group of people (see my Sunday journal entry for details) and I ran three miles on Saturday and four miles on Sunday and went grocery shopping and cooked dinner and... [Hmmmm, I should stop now, I can see you are green with envy] And the fun doesn't stop now that the weekend is over... tomorrow I get to fly to Cleveland! [Oh joy! Oh joy! ]


-- Jim (jimsjournal@yahoo.com), October 09, 2000.

My weekend rocked. My school was doing all these events for Coming Out Month. There was this cross-dress cabaret and everyone who performed in it was so talented... I could never get up there and do any of that stuff in normal clothes let alone with a fake beard, mustache, etc. :) There was also this drag queen and king contest that was so funny, I would have never guess some of those girls were guys unless I knew them! On Saturday night there was a coming out dance (which, I would just like to clarify, you didn't have to come out in order to go to, which is good because it was a lot of fun even for us boring straight people) and my friends and I had a rockin' pre- party party in my friend Amy's dorm. Total fun. That day happened to be my friend Kate's 20th birthday and although she drank a little too much birthday Bacardi to remember much of it, I am glad she had a lot of fun hee hee. Sunday was pretty boring, but I got a lot of studying done that I had been putting off so I felt better about school stuff after doing nothing but fun stuff all weekend. :) Em I'm glad you had fun at JournalCon, it sounds cool. If I ever become a serious web journaler I will definitely have to go. -Anita

-- Anita Kelley (webmistress@neeterskeeter.com), October 10, 2000.

hm. i've been up all night looking at your page. i miss you. as for weekends, i'll tell you about my last weekend..since this weekend hasn't technically started yet..and it's been a boring one. WELL.. i work for kuoi (www.kuoi.com--you can listen to it with real audio..neato) the student run freeform radio station here in moscow, idaho...okay, enough plugging, right? anyways, last weekend was the homecoming parade, so we made a float. okay it wasn't actually a float, it was a pickup truck decorated with streamers and balloons and signs (and mannequins, hm) after spending hours agonizing over getting the streamers just right and pretty...we cover the truck with a tarp and wait till morning. so i come over bright-eyed and bushy tailed to cristina's to put the finishing touches on the "float", and all the streamers are all soggy and shit and it just looks like a mess. well make it to register anyways...my fellow staff members with their ziptrip (gas station) coffee cups full of budweiser at 10:30 in the morning..it's too early for beer for me at least.. so here we are in the back of the truck waiting in line to be in the parade (all of 15 minutes) and across the way, waiting, are a truckload of sorority and fraternity people...i have a hard time controlling myself around these types of people, they make me want to scream. anyway, on with the story..they're all over there taking off their clothing and decorating themselves with gold paint...wrapping up in sheets (togas) and dancing to their blasting stereo (christina agiulera..or however you spell it) while we are trying to get reception on the headphones to do a live remote back to the station. (i like parentheses...this sucked.) anyway, sitting back there with a group of about 5...all of us either high or drunk or both ('cept for me) one guy dirty as all hell (handing out candy later in the parade to kiddies mind you) and eating the aforementioned candy and bitching about the group of morons shaking their asses to the top 40.

all this just made me realize where kuoi fits in on the social, student organization scheme of things. bring us your tired, your weary and your socially deviant freaks. i am getting really tired. am i making any sense?

i just wanted to contribute something to emmie's lovely page. i still promise i'll email you. love you baybee. kate

-- kate (west2268@uidaho.edu), October 21, 2000.

Well, Friday night consisted of getting rained on then burning up at Kappa Sig. I got plenty of beer, though, and some boy bought me a Jell-O shot. Noyce!

Saturday night...the inagural meeting of the minds of Emily and Miss Clare took place, and in the words of the Spartan Cheerleaders, we "turned this mother out." The evening began with a nice dinner at Fuel and Fuddle (me, the meatloaf sandwich, she, a pizza.) Then, as were walking out of Rite Aid (cheap smokes, there) we ran into a girl I'd hung out with the night before. Did we want to hit Delta Sig? Of course. Off we were to her friend's suite to pregame (God bless White Tavern and Kool Aid) and we took the shuttle to the house. Much boozing and boy-picking-up ensued. Em played a sexy game of pool, I meted out smokes: you want a cigarette, I get a kiss. It worked: this dude with a pierced tongue found me and my P-Funks so irresistible I...uh...now know what it's like to kiss a boy with a pierced tongue.


-- Miss Clare (cjpst36@pitt.edu), November 13, 2000.

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