220 Land Camera BW neg processing

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I have an old 220 Land Camera and I,m going to use Polapan film so I can get a negative. I have some sodium sulfite to process the neg's but I don't know the exact process or dilutions to do it. What might they be?

-- Todd Walker (twalker@archvision.com), October 10, 2000


Todd, You want to use a solution consisting of 18% sodium sulfite (1 lb. sulfite to 70 oz. of water). Once you develop the negative and positive print, place the negative in the solution to clear it. Per Polaroid, this should be done within one minute of seperating the pos/neg. Agitate the negative in the solution for a few minutes until the processing layer sloughs off. Afterwards, simply wash the negative in running water, followed by treating it in a diluted solution of photo-flo wetting agent to reduce water spotting. Let dry. Be careful not to scratch the negatives as they are not hardened. They can be hardened using Kodak's hardener for Kodak rapid fix. Use only the hardener, not the fix itself. Good Luck!

-- Bill Mull (paintedhorse@in-tch.com), December 30, 2000.

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