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Hey everyone, I'm trading a truck for some steers. What does it usually cost to have one processed (butchered) for the freezer? Is it by live weight? Thanks, L.A.

-- L.A. Romsa (, October 13, 2000


call you local meat processor and see what they charge. shop around a bit if you have more than one. It is also possible that you might find someone who will do it for less or for part of the meat.

You have a kill charge-usually $15-20 and then it is by the pound on the hanging weight. so if you have a 1000 pound steer alive, you will lose some of that in the killing and cleaning process-say 200 (I am guessing here...) so haning wieght is 800 pounds

Around here processing is about 27 cents a pound so on 800 pounds haning weight-that means $216

Now I am not sure if those weights are even close to accurate...we just did a hog-hanging weight was 170, though there is extra processing for the smoking and curing.

Hope that helps.


-- Sarah (, October 13, 2000.

In east TX it cost me a $15 kill charge and then .33 per pound hanging weight to have it processed. I'm sure it varies depending on your location. Even if it is a bit higher where you are it is still a lot cheaper than buying it at the store. Amanda

-- Amanda Seley (, October 13, 2000.

Around here, the kill fee is $30, and .35 cents a pound for cut and wrap. This is based on hanging weight. Your steers will hang at approx 60% of their live weight and you will receive about 70% of that once it's wrapped. Therefore, a 1000 lb steer will hang at about 600 hundred pounds and cost about $240 to cut and wrap (at the prices above) and you will bring home about 420 lbs of meat.

-- Julie (, October 13, 2000.

Just a thought - you are entitled to bones, fat and offal - maybe even hide, if you want it. Most don't, so they don't normally give it to you unless you ask. Fat for dripping or tallow or soap; bones for soup or dog-food, offal - well you may call it variety meats, but anyway I'd eat most of it (although some is high in cholesterol), or else animal food. If you think you can use it, then ask about it. You've paid for it, but they take it for free and re-sell it for a small price but all profit to processors.

Were you actually asking about the processing cost, or about total price of butchered beasts, including buying the animal?

-- Don Armstrong (, October 14, 2000.

I had 3 done back this summer, here the killing fee is $25. cut,wrapped & flash frozen is .22c per # I take some of the bones, (sawn up). you can count on a a 40% loss of weight, (depending on the breed) from the head, feet, hide, offal etc. If you want the hise here they back charge you for it or raise the cutting fee.

-- Hendo (OR) (, October 15, 2000.

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