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Why does Dr Glasser presist with this stuff about genetic intensities? He has told us for years that the needs are outside of the control system loop, he has objected to counsellors going to the needs to look for the motivation for behaviour, insisting properly that the system is driven by the quality world - the only way needs are manifest in the control system. If the genetic needs are outside the loop, how can their intensities make any practical difference to the choices we make? Can anyone help me reconcile these contradictions?

-- ARTHUR DUNNE (, October 16, 2000


Hello Arthur, It seems to me that the lower the level of intensitiy the fewer pictures I have to have to satisy that need. For instance, the picture of my self as resiliant and self reliant is the only survial picture that I seem to have. While many of my clients have many more survivial pictures. All gentic instruction has intensity. Take skin color for example. You and I have low level of intensity and we burn every time we go to the beach.

-- Lucy Billings (lucybillings@, December 13, 2000.

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