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HARARE - Zimbabwean riot police fired teargas
to break up a protest against hikes in bread
prices in the capital's two eastern townships
yesterday, and arrested at least 20 people.

. . .

"The cost of living, the diesel is going up,"
said Jangano Nyakaswa, a 32-year-old factory
worker who lives in Mabvuku, in explaining the

. . .

"It's not over.

It's just started.

There will be more," said one resident, as he
splashed water in his face to dissolve the tear

The Namibian

-- spider (, October 17, 2000


Riots Enter Second Day

The riots, in which two buses and several cars
were torched Monday, were sparked off by a 30-
percent price increase announced last week for
bread, sugar and other basic commodities.

All Africa

-- spider (, October 17, 2000.

This is what an oil famine will do.

-- Wayward (, October 17, 2000.

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