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45 EDT Thursday Shocker: Electric crisis to repeat says energy expert

California is following a "seriously flawed" policy that will worsen the state's electric-power crisis and could drive its electricity transmission and distribution system to financial ruin, concludes William P. Kucewicz, editor and publisher of, based in Morris Plains, N.J.

In a report released today, he says state energy planners and policymakers are pursuing "fixes that bear an uncanny resemblance to the very policies responsible for California's electricity shortage."

Electricity demand is expected to far exceed supply, Mr. Kucewicz says, but existing transmission lines can't tap enough power from out of state to fill the gap.

He says state planners are ignoring the transmission grid.

Mr. Kucewicz describes himself as a former Wall Street Journal Editorial Board member and Dow Jones correspondent who has written extensively on energy issues for nearly 25 years.

-- Martin Thompson (, October 20, 2000

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