KOREA - Land mine clearing delayed due to trouble with equipment

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Land mine clearing delayed due to trouble with equipment Land mine clearing in the Demilitarized Zone (DMZ) for the reconnection of the Munsan-Jangdan section of the Seoul-Shinuiju Railroad is being delayed due to defects found in one of the units of mine clearing equipment imported from Germany.

A high-ranking military source said yesterday that the military authorities imported a Rhino mine removal apparatus and a Mine Breaker from Germany but the Mine Breaker developed trouble while removing a mine.

The military authorities have ordered the necessary parts from the German manufacturer and are awaiting their arrival.

The Mine Breaker cost 1.94 billion won ($1.7 million) to import.

In the meantime, Defense Minister Cho Seong-tae reported to the Defense Committee of the National Assembly that the ministry has also imported an MK-4 mine sweeper from Britain at a cost of 750 million won because leasing costs were too high.


-- Doris (reaper@pacifier.com), October 21, 2000

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