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Reading Splinters entry for today brings back that somewhat sick (digestive) feeling that hate mail brings. Reminded me of a recent time when a whole bunch of people (who refused to identify themselves) came to my guestbook and proceeded to openly slander me about being arrogant and closed-minded, exactly as is the case here. Is there a league of such people? Because they always seem to say exactly the same thing. The problem was in my case that they all came at once, like they told their friends about it, and they came along also. I'm often wondering who the fuck these people are, and what do they want with me, and then of course it leads to, "Do I really come across like this?" so I decide that I should be nice back and perhaps coax some understanding/sense out of them and uh... Hoom. I'm supposed to be asking a question here. Er, I guess my question is, "Is there such a league, and are they breeding?"

~Gally, Brisbane, Australia.

-- Sarah Irene Gall (, October 25, 2000

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