Let's pose this question again.. who do YOU think the father of Jing Mei's baby is?

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-- ER Online (webmaster@ertvonline.com), October 29, 2000


I would LIKE it to be Dr. Carter's baby, but all of the evidence so far points to Nurse Frank. He IS listed as a guest star in a later episode entitled, "The Visit." That's the one where Deb will confront the baby's unsuspecting father.

-- Anna Nguyen (anna7799@hotmail.com), November 05, 2000.

I'm just one of those people who like malucci and chen together.. but I must agree that ALL evidence points to DING DING DING, that evil frank guy. DIE DIE DIE SPAWN OF SATAN DIE DIE DIE!!

-- Jade (celtic_bunny@hotmail.com), November 08, 2000.

Dr. Dave!!!!!

i have come to this conclusion based on mars attack..when he is asking her questions about the father of the baby...and finally he says to the effect of "there is something sexy about seeing you this way" and i was like...wait a minute...would even malucci go that far? and i was like...umm yes i see he is trying to make it look to the rest of the staff that he is just being himself..but he is really the father...what a clever joke.

-- Zoe Amelia Castle (castledweller@mad.scientist.com), November 13, 2000.

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