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I'm looking for a used drymount press. Any idea where to find one? If you can answer my next question I won't need an answer to the first. I've heard that dry mounting isn't the thing to do anymore. Is this true? What other ways are there to mount prints for display?

-- Avery Sumner (sumnera@monroe.k12.fl.us), November 01, 2000


I can help you with part of your question. I've had seen many of these go at aution on e bay! Good Luck! Kelson

-- Kelson Smith (kfmith@javanet.com), November 01, 2000.

Hi, a great many curators do not like dry mounting, so goes the matt so goes the image. Many curators prefer images mounted with photo corners, which you can buy from an art supply house or make from acid free drawing paper. Make your prints on the next size up paper, so an 8X10 would be done on 11X14 paper with wide margins. Then on your acid free matt board mount your image with photo corners and place your overmat on top using acid free tape to make hinges.

Best regards, Ken

-- ken grunzweig (grun@pacbell.net), March 13, 2001.

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