WY - Vandalism compounded by a snowstorm led to a power outage

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Vandals cause power outage RIVERTON, Wyo. (AP) -- Vandalism compounded by a snowstorm led to a power outage Wednesday from Riverton to Sweetwater Station, officials said. At least 1,300 customers of High Plains Power were affected by the outage, including the entire Arapahoe area, where school was canceled for the day. A.J. Bauer, operations manager for the company in Riverton, said glass insulators, or bells, were shot off of at least 10 transmission structures on High Plains' 69,000-volt line south of Riverton.

"We haven't had a chance to evaluate all the damage as of yet," Bauer said Wednesday. "We've called in an extra crew from Dubois, and we now have four crews in the field."

The vandalism within the past week, he said.

"When the storm hit last night, the line shorted out with the moisture, and then some of the cross-arms caught on fire," he said. "Our lines crews are having one hell of a time getting out there. It's wet and slippery, and they've all chained up, but they're still having problems


-- Doris (reaper@pacifier.com), November 02, 2000

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