Unmarried and childless?

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I want the press to report on which candidates are unmarried and childless, so I've got a better idea of who to vote for. While the mainstream politicians are making huge amounts of political hay from the "for the childruuuun (whose parents aren't being responsible)" and sucking up to tired old gender roles, I need a way to quickly cull down which of the third party candidates actually care about the environment and equality.

Anyone else?

-- Dan Lyke (danlyke@flutterby.com), November 03, 2000


Hm. Good point. My objection is more about the inequity between the way male and female candidates are treated. If male candidates' clothes were commented on in every article and it was their marital status and breeding history (heh) were made clear everytime an editorial were written about them, then it probably wouldn't bother me so much.

Your (Dan's) point about the 'for the children' argument is well- taken. I've been scratching my head for awhile wondering just who Gore is talking about when he rants on about 'working families.' What does that mean?

Anyway, I think we agree, I was just annoyed about a different angle of the coverage.

-- Medley (medley@uncorked.org), November 03, 2000.

In practical terms, I agree that it shouldn't be an issue simply because a rational position on children and women's issues pretty much guarantees a politician can't get elected. Picking up me as a voter is likely to alienate enough other voters that it's not a tenable position if you want to get elected, only as a matter of principle.

-- Dan Lyke (danlyke@flutterby.com), November 06, 2000.

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