OT: Please VOTE!

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Vote this election or we will all suffer! And be a knowledgeble voter.

Vote for your children's and grandchildren's sake, if you don't have kids then vote because it is your right and responsibility to do so - and beacuse so many Men and Women have died so we have the option to do so.

For info visit these links.
http://www.lwv.org/ League of Women Voters, a good source of non partisan canidate information.
http://www.dnet.org/Another good source that appears to be non biased.

The following is JOKE!

Due to an unsusally high voter turnout is expected for this election we are asking the following: In order to relieve the long lines Voters that belong to the 'X' party are to vote on Tuesday and Voters belonging to the 'Y' party should vote on Wenesday.
Thank you for your cooperation on reducing the long voting lines.

Do your own party subsitituions for the X & Y. I would not want to be blamed for misleading anyone.
I've received both a versions as email. :(|) The concludes the joke!

-- (perry@ofuzzy1.com), November 04, 2000

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