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While the official recount of the 6 million votes
cast in Florida November 7 continues until at least
the end of business Thursday, sufficient facts have
emerged to suggest vote fraud in the state and raise
the possibility of a stolen election. The combination
of misplaced votes, ballot box irregularities, possible
voter intimidation and Republican control of the state
government apparatus add up to a confused and highly
suspicious situation.

. . .

Voters, many of them elderly, were worried that they
might have voted by mistake for Reform Party candidate
Pat Buchanan, whose name was on the opposite side of
the page, with an arrow pointing to the second hole.

. . .

News reported that nine boxes had gone missing.

. . .

The unprecedented and bizarre character of the Florida
vote raises troubling questions. There is no reason to
believe that the crowd of right-wing extremists who, in
the impeachment conspiracy against Clinton, mounted a
complicated operation to remove a twice-elected
president would shy away from rigging an election in
the state of Florida, presided over by Jeb Bush, the
presidential candidate's brother. This would not be
the first time in American history that an election
had been fixed.

Several things about Florida are worth noting. Its
public officials have the reputation for being among
the most corrupt in the country. Earlier this year
the press noted that four former Florida legislators
were facing, serving or appealing federal prison
sentences, including the former Speaker of the House.


-- spider (, November 09, 2000


The above -- from the World Socialist Web Site -- should be compared to the reports of wide spread "indications of fraud" by democrats in long time "democratic machine" strongholds, like Broward county.


-- Jackson Brown (, November 09, 2000.

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