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The US and the Iraqi oil pipeline Syria, Economics, 11/11/2000

A high ranking US official said in a statement to the London- based al-Hayat daily issued on Friday that the US administration will not oppose Damascus's decision to re-operate the Syrian- Iraqi oil pipeline and this is in contrary to its previous decision ( when the US used to oppose this matter).

The US official added that this decision is partially attributed to the tension in the world oil market and also because the US administration has no reason to prevent that.The US official considered that opening the pipeline does not violate the sanctions imposed on Iraq.

He said that Washington has continuously explained to Syria that it cannot violate the international legitimacy, but this does not means that Damascus cannot open the pipe, adding that Syria will get the consent of all members of the UN Security Council when it applies for that.

-- Martin Thompson (, November 12, 2000


Excuse me, but it's impossible for me to be anything but sickened at anything the U.S. does to cooperate with Iraq.

-- Nancy7 (, November 12, 2000.

Are they talking about unanimous consent of the U.N. Security Council? Rare -- but, I suppose, in this case it will be obtainable.

-- RogerT (, November 12, 2000.

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