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Hello, I am a photography student and wish to purchase a brownie that is from before 1915 in working condition. At a local antique store, there is one for 15.00$, but the front is kinda falling off the metal spool holder. (It is a 2a). Is there anyone selling one that is on better useable condition? if not, is this camera most likely from before 1915 (it's a 2a model b, the four patents are Sep 25 1894, apr 11 1899, jan 12 1897 and jan 21 1902. Nothing on the outside mentions the kind of camera [i.e.kodak brownie], it has three apertures and one speed, or stay open.) It also doesn't have a front glass peice, there is supposed to be one right?

If you have one in good conditon, please email me how much you arte willing to sell it for.

Thanks, Kenny

-- Kenny Zeiger (, November 13, 2000


2A ModelB

Hi Kenny,

Check out It's still in question whether your camera was made before or after 1915...The Model B came out in 1911 with changes, that you can investigate on your camera, in 1917. If the film tension springs are on the ends of the spool instead of the middle then your camera is post-1917. If there is a spring in the center of the spool then it is pre-1917. There are a few other ways to approximate the year so check the page I've listed.

Chuck The Brownie Camera Page

-- Chuck (, November 14, 2000.

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