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I'm a private contractor,in Pikeville Tenn.. I am looking for a position that has retirement and good pay . Hourly wage is fine, with a perdium , My question is ,"Do I have to be in the Union?". If so where would I join one. I've been in building,residential mostly, some commercial(fast foods, office remodels)What type of expierience is required? I have had my own business for 12 yearsnow.I have been in this trade for approx.27 years. Could you give me some information on these items please?

-- Mark Settles (, November 14, 2000


"Do I have to be in the union?" - obviously not, you have 27 years experience without benefit of union affiliation, clearly you can do the work. However, from the tone of your letter it is obvious you now wish the benefits of affiliation, good for you! I would ask that you contact the Tennesee District Council at (615) 756-6862, ask for an organizer. Understand that you have reached an agent via Internet from the snow banks of Wisconsin who knows conditions there best. I can't give you better advice than a local organizer who will know market conditions (and local health and pension benefits) better than I. Best of luck to you brother, write again, if there are problems. By the way, you might also want to ask about the advantage of being a contracting member! Regards - Rocky

-- John Rockefeller (, November 15, 2000.

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