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I found a art deco sculpture in and old home i bought.It is a girl, she is arched back holding a bowl in both hands.Under the sculpture it reads Made in France,oepose,1314,Vantines. Do you have any information on the artist or the name of the sclupture?Thank You

-- chris St.cRomain (, November 14, 2000


The sculpture is probably made of metal? Cast iron or bronzed I would bet. Vantines, I believe was a company that produced many art deco sculptures and perfume burners in the 1920-1930's. It probably reads "depose", which is french for made or decorated. I am a fan of french porcelain and have learned about Vantines through my searches for porcelain perfume burners. Hope I helped.

-- Keely (, February 05, 2001.

Hi,Look at this site to see a picture of your incense burner. Popularly called perfume burners, your burner is vintage 20s. Also appears on Ebay frequently, so you can research it there. Does not often show up with the bowl she's holding, so if you got that, you have a real treasure!

-- ~A Vantines Collector (, February 12, 2001.

I also, was looking up Vantines after recently purchasing an incense burner on eBay. I looked up dépose which means deposit or deposits. Try this link to know more about Vantine's owner Arnold Rothstein-gangster! Same story-two different places. Cheers, Tavio!

Cheers, Tav

-- Tavio Costa (, February 23, 2001.

I have the same piece which I bought in a "junk store" in New York in the early 70s. My piece does have the incense burner(2pc) 2 Questions: 1. The burner fell off. What would be the best way to reattach it? 2. What do you clean it with?

Thank You

-- Leonard Krasner (, November 13, 2002.

The word deposé means patented and is used to trademark a design on the A.A. Vantines items. This import company has a huge line of toilet goods, incense burners, jewelry etc. Existed from about 1865-1948 or so. the burners are heavily collected and currently I have a list of perhaps 122 different burn

-- Helen Farnsworth (, January 27, 2003.

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