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Dr. Bruce W. Dearstyne Professor College of Information Studies University of Maryland 4105 Hornbake College Park, MD 20742 Phone 301-405-2001 Fax 301-314-9145

Our 703 class, Field Study in Archives, Records, and Information Services, has a number of students who are looking for field study sites in the spring semester (beginning the end of January). These are all graduate students who have had the basic introductory archives course here and most have had the other "core" courses -- structure, technology, and access. They're very capable. They are required to put in at least 110 hours in the field. It should be a defined project but could be more open-ended. The two objectives are for them to learn something useful about records management and to make a contribution to the work of the host agency. They are doing their work for credit, so no funds are required.

We are eager to work with FIRM in this area, as I indicated when I visited the council last spring.

Please contact Dr. Dearstyne if you have an interest. Thanks.

-- Anonymous, November 15, 2000

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