How can two walk together except they agree. I heard this scripture used as the topic of an expositional sermon. The orator went on to decree and declare that it was okay to disagree and still walk together. This statement was made in support of the orator's intention to proceed with a course of action which, the orator admitted in private, was a road the orator wished was never treaded. I don't mean to seem mysterious but my question to those of you out there ready to respond is simply this. At what point do we part ways with those we do not agree with on a spiritual Christian level? How far should we go to prove that it's okay to disagree and still walk together? Does the scripture which tells us to "mind the same things that there be no division among us" mean anything? I ask this because I heard of a Christian man who married a non-Christian because someone told him it's okay to disagree with each other and still be together. The woman he married is sleeping with other men. The man is devastated because he felt celibacy was a given but apparently she disagreed. What are your thoughts?

-- Anonymous, November 21, 2000


Interesting…I will attempt to answer your question from a “Believers” perspective. Yes, I believe that individuals with different religious perspectives may marry and disagree on the paths. An African saying goes like this “There are many rivers that lead to the great ocean.” Therefore, her non-Christian practices are not the catalysts for her behavior. Giving into physical desire and a lack of control (emotions) are the blame for her promiscuous acts. Does this woman have a spiritual path? (This was not clear to me. My response is based on her having a different path.)

No spiritual path that I know supports adulterous behavior and lying. (Buddhism, Hinduism, Vedanta, Yorba, Islam, Taoist, Judaism, etc) The African/Eastern philosophies, which predate Christianity all, have affinities for truth and coveting another’s wife. This also applies the oldest group known on the planet, the Twa ( If Christianity (alone) created beautiful marriages, then I would never have gotten divorced:-).

On the other hand---all marriages are not divinely inspired. Most (given the statistics) are man made unions. Legalized fornication. If the above marriage were divine, the incidents would not have happened. Perhaps this is the universe (Divine) way of delivering this man. Spiritually, I believe this man must go into deep prayer and mediation. Secondly, he should anoint his house with oil and incense---clearing his space of impurities. Finally, he must forgive her and himself.

In love and light,


-- Anonymous, November 21, 2000

This (Amos 3:3) is a rhetorical question God asks of Israel and of course us also. The answer of course is a resounding "NO". Two cannot walk together unless they are agreed. Christians differ on some non- essential issue but they agree on fundamental doctrine such as the Christ. Refer to St. Paul as regards people of different faiths and marriage. With proper respect for each other, a "successful" marriage can be attained with people of differing faiths. I don't think you meant "celibate". If my wife had promised to remain celibate, we would not have married in the first place. Some marriages can survive adultury. Most cannot. If you really meant with other "men" rather than another man, this marriage has little chance of success. God Bless

-- Anonymous, November 21, 2000

Pardon me, I did not mean "celibacy" but rather "fidelity".

-- Anonymous, November 21, 2000

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