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howdy all-

i just aquired about 40 packs of expired 667 film (3000 iso b/w), and i was wondering how well this film would work in emulsion lift-offs...

any changes made from the instructions for 669 film (aside from coating the back)?



-- eric carroll (, November 22, 2000


Hi Eric,

I'm doing successfull image and emulsion transfers 3x4 (669)and 8x10 (809). I tried the Polapan Pro 1oo b&w film and spent already like 4 packs and just got 1 emulsion off and transferred. I called Polaroid and I didn't get any results after that. I also talked to Kathleen Carr, but she hasn't done any tranfers with the Polaroid bxw film for a long time. I boiled the images for different amount of time, than I tried several ones with water temperature below boiling for differnet durations and still no results. the images either curl so much I can't use them or the emulsion lifts off partially and then tears apart. I'm sorry I don't have an answer to your question, but could you let me know if you did any sucessful bxw emulsion transfers, before??? did you try the 667 yet???

Looking forward to hear from you,


-- Horst Jösch (, November 27, 2000.

thanks for the answer horst!

i've sucessfully done 669 lift-offs before, but alas, no luck with the b&w. i haven't tried polopan 100, just the 667 so far, but it sounds like we're getting the same results. all mine do is curl an awful lot, or i start to get the emulsion off, but then it breaks. it tends not to curl as much if you start it at a lower temperature and raise it to boiling, but i still need to hold the print down with tongs in order to keep it from curling.

does anyone know if this inability to do b/w emulsion lifts is the difference between a grain-based photograph and a dye-based one?

i've gotten one lift off so far (out of 6 packs), but that was with some very careful pushing of the emulsion, and several different plunges into boiling water.


-- eric carroll (, November 28, 2000.

the trick i've found is boiling water for 15 min in one tray, move to new tray with hot wat, as hot as your fingers can stand, and it will lift off, the 664... i haven't tried any other b/w films.

-- lzc (, April 09, 2003.

Hi... I am under the impression that black and white polaroid film can't be used for transfers. I am in the process of experimenting using black and white slide film, transferred onto colour Polaroid film...I'll keep you posted.

-- Amber Stuart (, March 10, 2004.

Hi, I'm from Russia, somebody know about lift from 125i film?

-- Dmitry Andreev (, November 22, 2004.

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