N0 Brownie Camera

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I wish to know in wich year was built or developed the N0 Brownie Camera Model A US Patent Apr. 11,'99 Apr. 14,'03 MAde by Eastman Kodak Co. Rochester, NY. USA

Thank in advance to all the good people that can give me some help for this. Aldo from Italy

-- Aldo Gilardoni (cyber51@hotmail.com), November 26, 2000


Response to N°0 Brownie Camera

in page http://as.halgand.free.fr/francais.html in kodack collection write: N 0 is one 127 American made from 1914 till 1935. It(he) is made(done) by box, by wood covered with leather.

-- German (german@yahoo.com), December 06, 2002.

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