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I would like to ask my sister, a confirmed Catholic, and her husband (Lutheren) to be Godparents to my baby. If they were married in the Lutheren Church will they be acceptable as Godparents? Or are they ineligible because they were not married in the Catholic Church?

-- Denise Mitsuma (ddelucia@hotmail.com), November 29, 2000



Your question does not have a simple answer.

Let me assume each of several possibilities and then give you the answer for each case.

A. First possibility: I will assume that your sister got permission from her bishop to be married in the Lutheran church building, with a Catholic priest or deacon in attendance to witness the wedding -- and since then she has continued to be a practicing Catholic, while her husband has remained a Lutheran. If this is what happened, then (1) your sister may be your baby's sponsor [the Church uses this term, rather than "godparent"], and (2) her husband may take the formal role known as "Christian witness" to the Baptism, but he could not be called a sponsor.

B. Second possibility: I will assume that your sister did not get permission from her bishop to be married in the Lutheran church building. But later, she did ask for the marriage to be "convalidated" and blessed by the Catholic Church, and it was. Since then, your sister has been a practicing Catholic, and her husband has remained a Lutheran. If this is what happened, then (1) your sister may be your baby's sponsor, and (2) her husband may be a "Christian witness."

C. Third possibility: I will assume either of the situations described above, but I will change one thing. I will assume that your sister is a practicing Catholic and her husband has now become a convert to Catholicism. If this is what happened, then both of them may be your bably's sponsors.

D. Fourth possibility: I will assume that your sister no longer is a practicing Catholic. (Perhaps she left the Church near the time of her marriage and has never returned.) Her husband is not a Catholic either -- but both are Christians. If this is what happened, then (1) you may choose one (but not both) of them to serve as a "Christian witness," and you must choose a third person -- a practicing Catholic -- to serve as your baby's sponsor.

PHEW!!! Now, I realize that I have not covered each and every possibility. So if there is still some other situation that you face, please let me know, and I'll do my best to help you.


-- Slave Nolonger (free@long.last), November 29, 2000.

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-- Darian Borne (shadows@vmbc.net), December 01, 2000.


If you wish to converse with Mr. Borne, please go to the thread he started (and to which I responded). It is called, "I'm looking for intelligent opinions not blind lashings Thank you." He posted the same message to start that thread. Please do not respond to him here.


-- (free@long.last), December 02, 2000.

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