OH - $5,000 Y2K glitch hits timeclock

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BERNADETTE FERGUSON, Morning Journal Correspondent November 29, 2000

NORWALK -- Although it's been 11 months since the Y2K scare, Huron County Sheriff Richard Sutherland just got around to telling the county commissioners about a Y2K glitch his department is experiencing. During his department's 2001 budget hearing yesterday, Sutherland offhandedly mentioned that the time clock installed when the jail was opened in 1997 did not work because it was not Y2K compatible. He requested $5,000 for the purchase of a new time clock.

Sutherland and Commissioner Terry Boose said they were certain when the jail was being planned and during its construction that they advised jail consultants Phillips Swager Associates of Peoria, Ill., to be sure everything was Y2K compliant.

Sutherland said he has contacted Bradley Hall, vice president of Phillips Swager, about the matter and was told the company that provided the machine is now defunct and nothing could be done to rectify the situation.

Commission President Amy Hookway said although the county hired a consultant in 1999 to ensure that all county owned equipment was Y2K compliant, she believes Sutherland advised commissioners his department did not need the consultant's services.

Sutherland said sheriff's department employees have been using an old time clock from the former jail. He said the motor in that time clock has had to be replaced three times this year.

''I'm wondering if we can't find one cheaper than ($5,000) for heaven sakes,'' said Commissioner Ardeth Chupp after yesterday's meeting. ''I would think he could find one at any office supply store.''

Boose said he is willing to contact Phillips Swager Associates to see what steps can be taken to get the time clock replaced.

Sutherland could not be reached after yesterday's meeting to comment as to why he waited so long to inform the commissioners of the problem or why he didn't utilize the services of the Y2K consultant.


-- Doris (nocents@bellsouth.net), November 30, 2000


Good one Doris! 11 months and not a word from
the Sheriff as to having this problem. I guess
he was a little ashamed that he didn't use the
consultant :-

-- spider (spider0@usa.net), November 30, 2000.

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