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Please note: Call Greg Fraser at 703/874-2995 if you plan to attend. Leave Greg your name; he does not need your social security number. Thanks. C

FIRM’s Education & Professional Development Committee invites you to the launching of this year’s initiatives. The meeting will be held on Wednesday, December 6, 2000, at the National Archives, downtown, at 7th & Pennsylvania Ave., NW, from 10:00 a.m. to 11:45 a.m. in room 503. The Archives is directly across the street from the Navy Memorial Metro Stop on the yellow and green lines. Limited (and expensive) parking is available in nearby office buildings. Please e-mail Greg Fraser at with your name and social security number if you are interested in attending. Names should be submitted by Monday for NARA security reasons. The group will discuss professional standards, including initiatives from CIA and ARMA, OPM recognition of the information management profession, training programs, training needs, the future of the profession, and other topics of interest to FIRM members. Interested outside parties are also encouraged to attend.

Greg Fraser Central Intelligence Agency

-- Anonymous, December 01, 2000


Below are the meeting minutes and agenda for the December 2000 meeting. We will try to schedule our next meeting in the downtown Washington area in early February.


Following a number of preliminary brainstorming meetings the FIRM Training and Professional Development Committee met at the Natinal Archive building in Washington D.C. on December 6, 2000. In attendance were: Greg Fraser (CIA), John Vasko (CIA), Jeanne Young (Federal Reserve), Steve Levensen (U.S. Courts), Anne Baker (NOAA), Sherry Smith (Comptroller of the Currency), and Jackie Threatte (Army Research Lab).

The purpose of the meeting was to:

1. Review the results of previous meetings 2. Define what it is the group seeks to accomplish 3. Begin the process of defining the standards for the information management profession, including key job elements, skills and knowledge requirements, and training needs and programs 4. Develop a high level action plan 5. Define group logistics

Following an introduction of participants, the group reviewed CIA and ARMA experiences in tackling these topics. More detail will be provided in further meetings. Following that the group defined on a high level the skills and knowledge requirements for information management professionals in the future, with the realization that no one person may possess all of these requirements. Hence, the group also determined that the profession will have to be much more team oriented and collaborative to succeed in the future.

INFOSEC/security Technology Internet/intranets Access Controls Management Project management Records management CIO Communication – oral and written Teamwork Workflow Automated categorization Thesauri/metadata Declassification and release PKI/Electronic signatures Metrics Marketing Outreach – training others Knowledge Management/Portal/Neural networks Collaboration Training End User experience Flexible Publishing and Distribution

Group Actions and Action Plan

Share ARMA and CIA standards: Greg provided CIA career service standards for the information management profession. He will also get in touch with the appropriate partieis to provide a link to the proposed ARMA standards. The Group decided that they will try to define educational requirements for the profession taking into consideration the skills and knowledge requirements listed above. The Group will make curriculum recommendations based on varying professional levels (Introductory, intermediate, expert). The Group will work with OPM to lay the foundation for acceptance by OPM of an information management profession. John Vasko will work with Carol Brock to identify the OPM point of contact in order to start the initial steps. For all FIRM Council members: Identify your existing training programs – also, identify those training programs that could be shared. The Group decided to tackle the definition of training needs for new employees – including the definition of different training requirements for differing levels of employees The Group will attempt to define standardized ideal critical elements for the profession and perhaps even for related professions – such as records liaisons. The Group will attempt to define model position descriptions for the profession to be used throughout the Federal Government. Utilizing information gathered above, the Group will recommend FIRM sponsored training opportunities for the Federal Government to supplement the symposia already offered by the Council. Greg offered up CIA’s Information Management for the Information Technology Professional, a course designed to get the IT, legal, security, records, and other communities speaking from the same page (in one half day!).

-- Anonymous, January 02, 2001

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