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compare and contrast rogers'Client Centered Therapy to William Glasser's Reality Therapy.

-- linda green (, December 06, 2000


Sounds almost like a university paper! Anyway Linda, Glasser's approach is, like that of Rogers, very much client-centered. In fact, Glasser's central belief in internal control psychology influences his theory and therapy through and through. However, Glasser believes very much in helping the client by asking questions, even making suggestions once a strong level of involvement has been achieved. To the inexperienced observer this could appear quite directive but it very definitely is not. Those who learn and practise Reality Therapy often comment that they gain a great sense of structure. At any one point in the counselling process they have a good idea of what exactly they are doing, of what the counselling process is. Like Rogers, Glasser came to prominence in the sixties ... a time of great counselling ideas ... and good music! Hoping this helps a little.

-- Brian Lennon (, December 06, 2000.

I would be interested in reading your paper on person centered therapy vs reality therapy. I am taking a theory class on graduate school right now. Thanks!

-- susan (, February 08, 2004.

i wondered if that paper was written and whether i could read it?

-- sally jeffrey (, July 26, 2004.

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