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I am interested in information about a art deco furniture designer whose name begins with S.Saqur... .

Thank you

-- Joana Pierce (, December 08, 2000


Yes,S.Saqure is a very Art Deco prestigeus cabinet maker. You are lucky if you have one of his piece works. Arthur Shultz, Art dealer, Paris. For any more info please contact me.

-- Arthur Shultz (, November 07, 2002.

that's awesome, I have same name than you. We should definitely get together. I live in Tampere, Suomi-Finland. It is the country to live in! We could found sakuri-club together. Do you share my enthusiasm? Mail me soon, please!!

-- sakuri (, November 13, 2003.


Sakuri is not as common as name in Finland you may think from earlier posting. I, in fact, had to go through large scale juridic battle to change my name to Sakuri ('cos finnish law says you have to select a name from a list which contains only finnish traditional names like Karva, Napoleon, Käkkäräpää, Rotta etc. etc.

Still, it's always nice to know there is ppl out there to share my passion into any-and I mean any-thing considering sakuri-related.

Please, mail me soon!

yours always,


-- Saqur "sakuri" Hakkinen (, November 17, 2004.

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