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I live in northern New York, and am in the local 278 out of Watertown, NY. I check this web page often and notice there is never any work around my area, can you tell me if this site ever has work listed in my area. I am seeking work. I would enjoy a response. Thank you. Todd

-- Todd James Beamis (, December 08, 2000


The only New York listing I recall was Syracuse a while back. As an agent I can tell you that it is fairly standard procedure to first clear your out-of-work list and then call the surrounding locals. (Makes sense, when they do the same it gives your members a shot at work within reasonable driving distance.) If the agent then still needs manpower AN OPTION is to list with the 'where's the work' page. Different areas get 'hot' at different times due to a number of factors. Today (12/11/00) California has power generation problems to the extent the public is being asked to cut back. Demand for skilled power plant hands is high and those craftsworkers are performing a genuine public service by helping to keep the lights on. If your area becomes a demand area it would be nice if they list here, but, it was set up to be a voluntary service to the brotherhood; participation is optional. regards - rocky

-- John Rockefeller (, December 11, 2000.

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