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I have been posting quite a bit on the power crisis in California and elsewhere. I get the distinct feeling that the public believes that it is just price gouging by the power companies.

Looking for opinions on this subject.

-- Martin Thompson (, December 12, 2000


Dear Martin,

I wanted to thank you for your continued posting of these articles. There is no more indepth place on the web for the energy problems we are experiencing. Having said that here is my take.

Due to the regulatory environment in the West, both environmental and cost controls, no new plants have been built in awhile. Add into this strong usage growth and Voila you have shortages. Add in natural gas shortages and this is a crisis waiting to happen.

Yes I do think there is some price gouging but thats not the main problem. The above is. Tho consumers may wish regulated cheap energy prices this goes directly against sound business practices. Whyever would anyone invest in electical plants when it appears to be iffy at best that they could have a profit? Until the real problems of why more plants are not built, and what long term energy sources are available to run then, are resolved, this situation will only get worse.



-- Stacia (, December 13, 2000.

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