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Do you have a really good friend who isn't the same sex as you? Does everyone think you're dating on the sly? (is that the proper use of the phrase "on the sly"?) Do you go with the rumors, or try to shut them down?

Do you think a guy and a girl can have a friendship that is never anything more, totally platonic?

-- Emily (, December 15, 2000


Yes, I have a very close friend who is female. She was my first officemate after starting work when I graduated. She was married at the time and I was engaged to be married. And we just totally 'clicked'. And at the time others at work thought we were having an affair on the side. Wrong! We just ignored the rumors becasue you can't shut down stuff like that. Now, 15 years later we're both still married (to our respective spouses!) and our children have grown up together...although hers are slightly older. We've moved farther apart but still chat by phone every few weeks. And see each other every few months.

-- John (, December 15, 2000.

My best friend is a female and people have always said theirs something going on between us. And now she's married and the rumors really cause problems and make me really angry.

Me and her once asked each other and we both laughed about it. The words where just weird even saying it.

And to be truthful all my friends are female except one.

-- Brian C. Williams (, December 15, 2000.

Uh, yeah, my best friend is a woman... but I'm married to her so that doesn't really fit with your question... However, I do think that it is possible for males and females to be really good friends without it sliding into a romantic and/or sexual relationship.

-- Jim (, December 16, 2000.

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