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Can Polaroid 600 film be used in place of the SX-70 film in the ONE-STEP Plus camera.

-- lee jim worley (ljworley@afnetinc.com), December 18, 2000


Jim: To the best of my knowledge, 600 film cannot be manipulated, if that is your goal. They do make an "Alter Image" film in the 600 class that should fit your one-step. If not, Its my understanding that if you remove the 2 metal guides in a one step, you can use time-Zero film. I highly recommend a book by Thresea Airey! she goes into detail about that camera and film. Hope this can be of some help. take care. Bill

-- Bill Saunders (billsx70@yahoo.com), May 25, 2002.

You do not have to remove the metal guides in the bottom of the One Step film bay. Just use a piece of cardboard (or the black film cover that ejects when you close the camera bay - after the first time)to lay over the metal guides and hook. Insert the Time Zero film, pull out the cardboard, and close the bay door. You're ready to go.

-- cathryn bolen (cathryn.bolen@netxv.net), September 13, 2002.

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