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Do you flinch when you're walking alone and see some shady looking characters walking toward you? Do you make eye contact, or just keep on truckin' it along?

Do you understand how people flinch? Do you walk your friends to the store at 2am?

-- Emily (, December 20, 2000


I love being alone. Even at night. Outside. Oooo. If someone's walking past me, I'll always make eye contact. Always. I can't help it.

-- Jen (, December 20, 2000.

As a rule, I don't leave the house unless I have to, anyhow, but walking alone at night always makes me paranoid. The Crack Mart's right across the street, and I get nervous walking there if it's past six p.m. Paranoid? Yeah, kind of. Better safe than sorry, though.

-- Meghan (, January 01, 2001.

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