What former favorites embarrass you?

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We all have them - did you love Donny Osmond? New Kids on the Block? I can relate - I went through a period of time when I was all about oldies - Leslie Gore, Buddy Holly, etc.

And now I'm into Britney Spears and *NSync, so I suppose I can't really talk about embarrassing favorites. Oh well. Share...

-- Emily (mildew@dork.com), December 20, 2000


Hey all, this is my first time posting on this site.


I love Britney and *NSync. I can't help it and it shames me deeply. I used to have a thing for Prince that was really sad. All I listened to or talked about was him. I wore Prince t-shirts almost every day. It was really, really bad. I also have a slight Tom Jones thing that all of my friends find really funny.

-- Diana Lubragge (dlub@hotmail.com), December 21, 2000.

While reading over my post I realized I used the word "really" like, 10 times. Damn, that is not good

-- Diana Lubragge (dlub@hotmail.com), December 21, 2000.

Hi Diana. We don't bite, well, at least, *I* don't.

I'd rather see overuse of the word "really" than hear myself say "like" one more time. It's driving me insane! I can't help myself - I try to stop, but no, no. I can't stop. It's a sickness.

-- Emily (em@emilyweise.com), December 21, 2000.

I was way into the '50s-revival thing in my mid-teens (early 1980s). Music, clothes, the expressions I used - I patterned my life after Happy Days, Grease and my parents' old yearbooks. What a dork.

Around that same time, I also hated everything that was on Top 40 radio, and so I actually listened to country music.

-- Katrin (kat@waitingforbob.com), January 07, 2001.

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