"New Era" company

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Does anyone have information on a company called "New Era" that produced designs in the deco style? Many thanks.

-- Christian Carr (carrhc@aol.com), December 22, 2000


No just lookig them up myself. I have a "Thanks for the Victory" curtain. A patriotic WWII curtain to hang in a small window showing a british, russian and american soldiers face on each of their respective flags. Made by New Era Company Wembley. Sorry couldnt be more help.

-- Shane Harlen (shane@shanze.co.nz), January 19, 2003.

I have an old pitcher and bowl that has on the bottom New Era underlined and underneath W.B.P. Company. I'm trying to find out what circa it is. Didn't President Eisenhower or another president introduce a new era?

-- Judith Phillips (jlbanister2002@yahoo.com), March 06, 2005.

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