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This is just a ramble, but here goes anyways.

Visited wallymart on Wednesday 27th Dec Y2k. and noticed an odd assortment of 'Y2K' supplies crammed in between the rows of Valentines Junk -- Santa hasn't even sat down to rest and they're busy wiping out his memory until next August. Things like cases and cases of burn for a week candles sold as 'emergency candles in a 6 pack' and water by the cases. And then there's the dynomo / solar radio, and batteries and flashlights.

Noticed similar items overstocked at the home-do-it-youself-and-now-you-pay-to-much-because-we-put-the-competition-out-of-business store, you know the one where you can never find help until after you've found the item and figured out how to deal with the situation all by yourself.

Even at a little paint supply store: a 5 gallon pail with several days worth of food, water and supplies for 4 adults!

Did those computers seeing the spike in 'survival' items from last year and then pumped out orders for those hot items of Y2K fame? Considering this snow storm and it's wake, I'd say we'll see the same overstocking of shelves.

Wishing you all a safe and healthy New Year!!


How to make an alcohol stove from a soda can Hope you folks never need to use this except for recreational purposes.

Cloth Daipers, I think that these will be popular again next year. Given the Paper Mills are burning pulp and selling the resulting electricity.

-- fair use act quotation: for educational and reserach purposes (, December 29, 2000

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