exposing negatives in Daylab slideprinter

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I wonder if anybody tried to project 35 mm slides into b+w negative film in the Daylab slide printer.

Technically, it shouldn't be a problem with 4x5 film if one uses quick- or readyload film in the Polaroid film holder. A regular 8x10 film holder will not fit 8x10 Daylab base, but it seems that it may work after a slight adaptation. I don't know if it would be possible to use regular sheet film in the 8x10 Polaroid filmholder.

I am thinking about other alternative processes (just finished to build UV light box).

-- Marek Uliasz (uliasz@frii.com), December 30, 2000


I sent my questions to Polaroid and got a formal answer:

"You are correct about the use of using type 55 and ready loads with your 4X5 film holder/4X5 Daylab base. Unfortunately, there is not a pos/neg 8X10 film and there is no recommended ready load for the 81-06 film holder".

Nothing really new or helpful. I guess I will try to be creative with a regular 8x10 film holder in Daylab when I am ready.

-- Marek Uliasz (uliasz@frii.com), January 03, 2001.

I just printed some slides on old out dated Polapan Pro 100 (4x5") using my Daylab II. It works OK except that focusing with Daylab is really frustrating. I suppose that this problem is somewhat masked by the soft nature of image transfers. Anyway, focusing the Daylab with an 8x10" base is much easier.

-- Marek Uliasz (uliasz@frii.com), January 15, 2001.

I too am interested in knowing people's results with getting Type 55 negatives from the Daylab from 35mm slides. I would like to get good B/W negs in 4x5 so that I can scan them on my flatbed, rather than buying a separate 35mm slide scanner. Can someone comment on the quality (tonality, sharpness, etc.) of such "internegatives"?

-- Mike (heathmg@state.gov), January 17, 2001.

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