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I seem to have a problem getting any response from Daylab via email. I THINK that it would be possible to use the Daylab 300 with, for example, a standard 4X5 base to produce image transfers. Has anyone done this? The 300's are often for sale on EBay and generally go for around $100, so it would be a saving over the 35+ which I am also curious about.

Can anyone comment on this? Does the 300 work like the DaylabII so that the addition of the correct base would work? Finally.. for the photographically impaired ;-) can someone talk about the difference between Tungsten and the "Electronic Flash Exposure System" that the Daylab 35 uses? What would that mean for Image Transfer?

-- Jordi Waggoner (, December 31, 2000


I am not familiar with Daylab 300. From pictures, it looks the same as my Daylab II except the base. I would ask Polaroid about compatibility between Daylab 300 and II or 35 + (just go to the technical support on their web site

-- Marek Uliasz (, December 31, 2000.

hi jordi, i am just about to buy a bargain 300 too and waiting for info and will pass onto you anyhting comes up. the answer to your question about the tungsten and electronic flash is simple, tugnsten gives oarge cast which you have to conpansate with the filters, you dont have to bother with this with flash as it gives daylight balanced exposures, but you still have to compansate by giving extra red as pola transfer purposes, you have to peel the film early in order to transfer abd the film looses the red color due to this. i hope this explains regards umit

-- umit ulgen (, March 17, 2003.

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