What did you do on New Year's Eve?

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Cheesy, I know, but what did you do? Did you kiss someone? Party? Hang out with Dick Clark? (ain't nothin' wrong with that, baby)

Do tell.

-- Emily (mildew@dork.com), January 01, 2001


Let's see.. I fought with my boyfriend. That was my big exciting night...

-- Jen (Winter@nyc.com), January 02, 2001.

I was in the Yourkshire Dales in a really really small village called Langthwaite... I went and stood outside of the one pub with the rest of my family, other people joined us and we all joined hands and sang auld lang syne isnt that what everyone does?

-- mike (mike@hotdamn.freeserve.co.uk), January 05, 2001.

My buddies and I try to reunion each New Years. (We live in Florida, Ohio, and L.A.) So we hooked up in Columbus and danced our asses off.

-- Jamie (jamiestar@diaryland.com), January 05, 2001.

I wore high heels to a party and was glad I brought flat shoes to change into halfway through. We met a nice girl whose skeevy husband kept hitting on me (and really ineptly, too). A guy kissed me, and my husband pouted because no one else (besides me) kissed him.

-- Katrin (kat@waitingforbob.com), January 07, 2001.

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