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Does anyone know what company distributes Regencrest Darton? I recently bought a heifer in calf to him and I really want to find his sire summary. I have been looking via the internet for 2 hours now and I'm getting frustrated, he's not listed in the Red Book and he's not distributed by any of the major breeding companies. If anyone has any information, please, and I repeat please, let me know.

Thanks, Suzanne

-- Suzanne (, January 01, 2001


Suzanne: What breed of bull are we talking about? This is cattle country, and I would be glad to ask around if anyone knows. Jan

-- Jan in Colorado (, January 02, 2001.

I'm sorry, it's purebred holstein. Dairy Bulls told me that they don't have a report on him and that I'll have to find proofs, but I think he's older than proofs.

Thanks, Suzanne

-- Suzanne (, January 02, 2001.

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