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Greater Washington, DC ARMA Chapter Seminar on 4/2/01

Make a New Year's resolution to sharpen your professional edge by joining the Greater Washington, DC ARMA Chapter on April 2, 2001 to grapple and defeat all those electronic records issues at our annual conference...

Electronic Imaging from A-Z

presented by Don M. Avedon

This seminar considers automating the storage, retrieval, and dissemination of documents. Discover the technology and concepts involved in electronic image management. Mr. Avedon examines the difference between data and documents focusing on the media, hardware, telecommunications, and software used in electronic imaging. He discusses the varying points of view on hot topics such as legality, standards, systems integration, and workflow. The presentation provides an easy-to-understand introduction to the technologies and concepts involved in electronic imaging, and looks toward future trends.

This seminar will provide an easy-to-understand introduction to the technologies and concepts involved in electronic imaging by addressing:

Defining the differences between data and documents

Magnetic media vs. optical media ASCII coding compared to bit-mapping/raster scanning Digital vs. analog image storage Examples of data and document applications

Storage Media

Types: CD-ROM, CD-R, WORM, Rewritable, DVD, RAID Capacities and resolution Compression techniques Data life projections

Components of a System

Controller Scanners Drives Jukeboxes (robotic libraries) Monitors/displays/workstations Printers


Analog vs. digital Resolution vs. speed vs. bandwidth vs. cost Networks Internet/intranet

Special Issues

Backfile conversion Software Integration (data and image processing) Indexing Legality Standards

Putting a System Together

Semiautomatic systems Enterprise-wide automatic systems

How to Get Started

Forming a task force Systems analysis Developing a plan Conducting a pilot system Implementation

Future Trends

DON AVEDON is a well known consultant and speaker in the information and document management field where he specializes in records management, micrographic, electronic imaging and office automation systems.

Mr. Avedon was Executive Director of the International Information Management Congress (IMC) and is its Chief Administrative Officer with responsibility for implementing all the Association's programs and activities. These programs include organizing a conference and exposition in a foreign country each year, publishing a journal and newsletter and coordination of activities with associations in 30 countries.

Mr. Avedon was Vice President of Micronet, Inc., with responsibility for seminar and training programs, consulting activities and technical publications. He was in charge of the operation of "The Paperless Office" which was a model and test bed for "The Office of the Future."

Mr. Avedon was Vice President, Research and Development Microfilming Corporation of America, a New York Times subsidiary. Designed and implemented a new micropublishing facility which included planning a new micrographic laboratory, office facilities using landscape open office furniture, an IBM system 34 data processing center.

Mr. Avedon was Technical Director of the Association for Information and Image Management (AIIM). In this capacity he organized and managed the development and publishing of national and international recommended practices and standards. These publications have become the management guidelines for the entire micrographics field. While at AIIM he also had the responsibility for publishing their journal, newsletter, monographs and audio visual programs. He conceived and implemented their Resource Center.

Mr. Avedon began his career as Project Engineer at Bell Telephone Laboratories in the Engineering Standards Department. Responsible for studying, designing, conducting tests and preparing guidelines for engineering records systems.

Mr. Avedon is a Fellow of both AIIM and IMC and a former member of the AIIM Board of Directors and Chair of the AIIM Standards Board. In 1985 he received the Emmett Leahy Award from the Institute of Certified Records Managers for his outstanding contribution to the Information and Records Management profession and in 1987 AIIM's Award of Merit, the highest award the Association gives. In 1998 Mr. Avedon received AIIMs Lifetime Achievement award. He is author of several books including Introduction to Electronic Imaging, Quality Control of Electronic Images, Telecommunications in Document Management and the Glossary of Document Technologies.

Mr. Avedon holds the designation MIT (Master of Information Technology) with a double Laureate in Electronic Document Image Management and Micrographics. He is a Certified Standards Engineer.

Mr. Avedon has presented numerous talks in the United States and internationally and is the author of over two hundred papers in the areas of office automation, micrographics, electronic imaging, standards and engineering documentation.

The seminar location is at

Almas Temple 1315 K Street, NW Washington, DC

The Almas Temple is located at 1315 K Street, NW with convenient parking on 13th street (One Franklin Square) and within easy walking distance of the 14th street exit of the McPherson Square Metro Station.

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You can even pay for the seminar with your credit card!

The seminar has been approved for 5.5 CRM Maintenance credits.

Plan to attend the GWDC ARMA Chapter's annual seminar featuring Don Avedon on April 2, 2001. The seminar is entitled "Electronic Imaging: A to Z"

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